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About PAMA

PAMA’s primary mission is to serve its members by promoting growth and profitability for the professional audio manufacturing industry. With this goal in mind, PAMA provides a forum to discuss issues, policies, trends and innovations to advocate for the industry. Furthermore, PAMA encourages networking with industry leading executives from around the world.

How Does PAMA Accomplish Its Mission?

  • Define the industry and the markets it serves and promote the contributions of the high-tech, value-added products you design and manufacture 
  • Execute and offer valuable benchmark factory-based research, compile market data and disseminate important information
  • Sponsor an executive-level annual retreat and summit, as well as industry meetings tied to existing events
  • Monitor what’s going on internally in our industry and report on critical public policy, legislative, and legal issues and/or trends
  • Protect and grow your business interests by requiring existing trade shows to better serve your needs
  • Build connections on common issues such as piracy concerns, interfacing as a group with other associations and trade show organizations that already serve vertical market segments
  • Serve as a conduit to other associations to provide input and support on standards, education and other industry initiatives.

Will PAMA Compete With Other Existing Trade Organizations?

Absolutely not. In fact, we will make them stronger through the ongoing exchange of ideas and the sharing of our point of view. AES speaks for the worldwide engineering community. NSCA speaks for the systems contractors and installers. NAMM speaks for the U.S. retailers of musical merchandise, while Messe (Pro Light) serves the European marketplace. And NAB and IBC speaks for the broadcast community. PAMA has been formed to speak for you, and only you, the executives of the professional audio manufacturing industry. Here are some things PAMA will NOT do:

  • Trade shows. Instead, we will work with current shows to make them more effective for you.
  • Standards. Instead, we will provide existing groups with the resources and consensus they need.
  • Publishing. Instead, we will speak with a unified voice and be an advocate for the industry as a whole.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you are an executive of a professional audio manufacturer, you can apply to have your company become a member. For more information regarding membership, call +1.703.273.7200 or email Betsy L. Jaffe, Executive Director of PAMA, at bjaffe@infocomm.org.